About page will be completed at some point. What you see here thus far is only a fraction of the vision I have for this website.

The video display software I’m using only works with YouTube. There are other video platforms I would like to highlight above and beyond YouTube, but will have to look for a different way to display videos from them in a way that is automated and of as little work to me as possible.

If you write browser apps and know how to write an app that functions almost like a TV station, where all different kinds of video formats from all the different video platforms work within it, I may like to hire you if I can afford it.

For now, if you would like to suggest a video, or a channel to place in one of the playlists let me know. Also tell me if you’ve been banned on all the platforms but still want to share your videos with your fans. I may host them here. They will be placed in the “Damned” category that I’m slowly building.



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